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About us

Parts-zoom has become a dominant force in the market due to our global database of available components, which are not limited by long lead time and unreliable services of our vendors. As a key partner to the world biggest OEMs and EMs , parts-zoom procurement management program.

Short Response Time

Our associates are bound to respond to your requests within 24 hours. We offer just-in-time delivery helping you avoid costly production shut-downs. Our sales representatives are trained in latest technology and market trends. They are working with team managers and office managers in order to solve any issue quickly and professionally. We also maintain a large stock of hard to find components in order to quickly service your shortages.

Effective Excess Inventory Solutions

We have several programs, which emphasize most affective way to market and distribute your excess stock. Please contact us toll free at 888-872-4420 x 101 to find more about it. In addition , ATsouth International contributed in integration of RTD program offering after-market servicing and distribution of controller boards, touch screen displays, LCD open frames, LCD kits, sunlight readable and high bright displays, LCD screens, etc . Here in ATsouth we are all about one-on-one relationship with a customer. Rather then other vendors in electronic distribution industry who limit clients choices, ATsouth International analyzes the exact need and provides the specific solution in order to meet the demand precisely as stated by the customer.

Elimination of Frustrating Stock-Outs

Our special relations with the suppliers allows us to be accurate and consistent about the availability of the electronic components. parts-zoom is revolutionizing market distribution by creating one-stop shop environment for customers throughout the world and providing market liquidity tools in areas of display and information technology products for computer applications and other high-tech devices. As a trustworthy company with the long standing reputation and custom oriented distribution programs, our clientele base ranges from small sole proprietor workshops to large multilevel corporations as well as military and government contractors.